Megyn Kelly Shreds Media Matters’ ‘Vile, Disgusting’ Attack on Elon Musk and X


As we reported, X owner Elon Musk has now dropped his “thermonuclear lawsuit” on Media Matters in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, contending that the organization defamed the X platform after they published a report that said ads for major brands appeared next to posts praising Nazism. The report caused some major companies to pull their advertising from the X platform.

Michael Shellenberger, a journalist from the Washington Post, said he couldn’t reproduce Media Matters’ claims and that its real goal was not to combat antisemitism. Instead, he claimed they were trying to “destroy X’s platform for free speech.” Musk responded by calling the group “evil.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton then announced that he had opened an investigation to determine if there was any “potential fraud activity.”

“We are closely examining this issue to ensure that public opinion has not been misled by radical left-wing groups who want nothing more than to reduce freedom by reducing public participation,” Attorney General Paxton stated.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said that his team will also be investigating the matter.

Megyn Kel smashed Media Matters in her podcast. She did not hold back when it came to savagely destroying them.

Kelly called Media Matters “vile”, “disgusting” and “dishonest”. Kelly said that if you heard “Media Matters say,” your antennas would perk up. ‘I am about to be fed bullsh*t.’ She also pointed out the reason why she had some credibility in commenting on this subject because they went after her. Riley Gaines also seems to be the new target.

Kelly blasted the attack on X: “They’re trying to kill X.” They can’t stand the fact that one platform is not under their control. “It’s very irritating to them that Elon Musk won’t bend the knee to their people.”

Kelly wrote about this on X as well, urging people to not fall for “hit jobs” and saying that it was “important to X’s survival.” “They cannot stand the existence of any platform where the hard left is not in control,” she said.

Several sites and influencers have also pledged to help X to survive any ad revenues lost by committing themselves to purchase advertising after Disney and Apple withdrew. I don’t think they will be able to make up for the loss, but fighting is vital.

Seth Dillon is the CEO of Babylon Bee and he said that his company would be spending $250,000 on advertising. Tim Pool, a popular podcaster and news website, also said he was matching this amount.

They attack Musk because of their hatred for freedom. And they hate freedom because that threatens to undermine their ability to control the narrative. Dillon posted on his X page on Saturday that it was really as simple as that.

Dillon slammed blue-chip companies like IBM, Disney, and Comcast for pulling their advertising budgets to punish Musk’s crime of allowing free speech.