Melinda Gates Breaks Silence with Bold Endorsement of Biden


Melinda French Gates has done a great job.

If you were to convert the Gates fortune in one-dollar bills, and lay them end-to-end on a chain, it would likely run out around Aldebaran. Bill and Melinda Gates have not been able to use their wealth in a way that has given them any insight into government. Melinda Gates has every right to support the candidate she chooses, but how dare she do it this way?

Just for fun, let’s take a look at her endorsement. She writes:

Women deserve to be led by a leader that cares about their issues and is dedicated to protecting them.

“Protecting Their Safety?” By allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood our southern border, who are unscreened, unvetted and largely unknown? Joe Biden was concerned about Laken Riley? Was Joe Biden concerned about the safety of Rachel Morin? What about Jocelynn Nungaray?

You are asking the people to vote more of that, Melinda. Do you care about these women’s safety? What if Joe Biden had not opened the borders of the United States on day one of his presidency?

She continues:

…their reproductive rights, their health, and their economic power. They also have the right to participate freely in a democracy that is functioning.

Health? What has Joe Biden accomplished to improve women’s healthcare? I know that “women’s health” has been used by the Left to refer to “abortion,” but she refers to it later as “reproductive right.” She is undoubtedly referring to the Supreme Court ruling which returned the issue to the states, as the Constitution dictates. Economic power? Do you mean the Bidenomics program that has been so disastrously failed that the administration now avoids the word “Bidenomics?” Melinda Melinda please repeat it a million times, the United States are not a democracy. It was never a democracy. It is impossible to talk about the national government without knowing what kind of government we have.

The stakes and contrast in this election could not be higher.

She is right in this. This cannot continue for four years, especially since Joe Biden is unlikely to complete a second term.

She concludes by saying:

I will vote for President Biden.

She will vote for an old, senile fool who is a laughing incompetent.

Anyone should not take Melinda Gates’ endorsement seriously. She is a modern-day limousine liberal who has no idea how the people living outside her small circle live. She would probably give you an expression of dull incomprehension if you asked her to do something as simple as boil an egg. Ask her, or anyone of her kind, to change a car tire and they will likely run off screaming.

If you wish, you can read the full endorsement of Melinda Gates here.