Michigan Man Charged With Murdering Detroit News Anchor


Michigan man accused of murdering Detroit radio news anchor Jim Matthews, and injuring his loved ones was under supervision at the time he allegedly committed this crime.

Arthur Levan Williamson (55), has been charged in connection with the attack on Matthews’ family last week. He was charged with one count each of first-degree murder, homicide, and felony murder and two counts of intent. Matthews, who was the WWJ-AM overnight anchor for seven years, was shot and killed in the attack.

Williamson was currently on probation at the time he allegedly killed and attacked. Law & Crime reported that one condition of his supervised release was that he wouldn’t commit any criminal acts. According to prison records, Williamson has a history of committing violent crimes. This includes a 2013 breaking-and-entering offense in which Williamson assaulted an officer. He was convicted of assault with intent to murder, kidnapping, and multiple weapons offenses. On June 5, 2019, he was released on supervised release.

Matthews was shot to death, but his 5-year-old girlfriend and daughter were also hospitalized. Matthews’ 10-year-old son, however, is still in critical condition. He allegedly tried to flee the attacker.

Ashley Quigley is the sister of Nicole Guertin’s girlfriend, Matthews. She started a GoFundMe account to raise funds for her family. She posted an update on Monday to inform us that her niece and sister were both in stable condition. Her nephew had more difficulties and was “forced” to have brain surgery and ear surgeries over the weekend.

His surgery was successful and he was cleared to go home after a series of scans and tests. His C-Collar was removed, which helped reduce the swelling. While he is still under anesthesia, he can move both his arms and legs while he heals,” Quigley wrote Monday.

Guertin called police Friday afternoon to report that she was attacked at her home and that her daughter had “escaped.” Joe Nicolai, Matthews’ brother, said that Guertin had been held down before she was able to escape.

“Nicole was my brother’s girlfriend and was lying out in the garage. She was duct-taped, bleeding, so my wife went outside to hold her hand,” Nicolai explained to the outlet. It’s nothing you would see in horror movies.

Police told media outlets that Williamson, the suspect in the attack, knew the family and was often a visitor to their home. Law & Crime reports that he was found in the basement of the house with a self-inflicted injury and an apparent overdose. It is not clear how he got to know the family or what his motivation was for attacking them.

“There is no motive. I don’t know the reason he was there. I spoke to the lead investigator and he said that my brother likely came home to this. “He comes home at 5:30 AM and was likely surprised and attacked,” Nicolai said to WXYZ-TV. “I believe [Matthews’ son] was trying fight against this man that was attacking his father and trying to kill him, and that’s why [the son] ended [upon being injured and tied to a closet.”