Michigan State Shooter Had Previous Gun Charges Dropped in the Name of Race Equity


No doubt you’ve heard the expression “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you will make you stronger.” However, for awake prosecutors who want to impose their version of racial justice upon the population, it becomes “Whatever you don’t kill will eventually kill you”.

Anthony McRae was the gunman responsible for shooting at Michigan State University, killing three people and injuring five more. He was charged in June 2019 with illegally possessing a concealed handgun. McRae could face up to five years imprisonment for this offense, meaning that he may have been in prison at the time he grabbed a gun and fired on innocent people last Monday.

McRae was able to get away with it. McRae was able to commit his gun crime within a jurisdiction that is safe for criminals thanks to a prosecutor who supports the George Soros network. Carol Siemon, Ingham County District Attorney, dramatically reduced McRae’s concealed handgun offense in the name of “dramatic racism” in sentencing.

McRae was sentenced to a year of probation, which he was then released from in 2021.

Ms. Siemon resigned at the start of this year. McRae was not likely to have to serve a full sentence for the gun charges.

The office stated that Anthony McRae, even if convicted of the original charge by a jury, would not have been recommended to be sent to jail or sentenced. “The sentencing guideline score would be the same if McRae had been convicted of the original charge (carrying concealed weapons) or the second offense (carrying firearms in a vehicle).

If they aren’t going to be enforced, then what’s the point in passing gun control laws? It’s absurd to expect the left to make silly moral statements every time there is a mass shooting. Make sure you enforce any concealed carry laws that are passed. These silly games don’t allow you to have “racial equality” and meaningful gun control.

Washington Free Beacon:

The Vera Institute for Justice, an Open Society Foundations-funded think tank, gave Siemon praise in 2021. Siemon boasted of the improvements she had made to her office in November when she announced her retirement.

She stated that she believes there have been significant improvements in reforming the justice system to provide a proportionate response for criminal charges. We have made changes to the sentencing and charging practices of the prosecutors to give people more options for holding them accountable for the harm they do, while also reducing the amount of incarceration.

A Michigan circuit court judge had already called her out for her unsafe policies that made Lansing more dangerous. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina stated that she was not a legislator or a judge and is making the community unsafe.

McRae was aided to his rampage by a woke lawyer who believed she had a greater calling than her mundane job protecting the citizens who elected him. This vision is not grand enough. It’s not possible to “change the universe” by doing a job that any competent prosecutor could do.

Her office should have done a thorough racial reckoning. Innocent people are paying the price for another Soros-backed prosecutor’s racist interpretation.