Migrants Bring Second Wives to the US, Despite Polygamy Laws


Tolerance, Diversity, and other factors require Western governments to subvert their laws, which still apply to the locals, in order to accommodate polygamy, a practice that is widespread throughout the Islamic World.

Via Remix news:

The German government has approved requests from Afghan nationals who worked with the German military during the military operations in Afghanistan to bring their children and second wives to Germany. This poses complex legal issues.

After the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Afghan Bundeswehr employees were granted visas for Germany. Family reunification law allowed them to bring their families with them.

The German newspaper Westfalenpost, however, reported that at least in two cases, reunification applications were approved for additional spouses and kids. The local immigration office of the Hochsauerland district confirmed this.

Should Afghan nationals, who aided the German military in its occupation of Afghanistan, be allowed to move to Germany? This is especially true given the threat they may face from a Taliban who are not too pleased with Afghans who have cooperated with an occupation.

It’s not hard to see why. Some would even go as far as to say that it is a moral duty.

Should the German government bend its own laws to accommodate polygamy, bending themselves into legal pretzels or confusing its internal bureaucracy?

It’s harder to make that argument if you haven’t spent your life immersed in moral relativism, and a deep-seated hatred of yourself, like Western liberals.

In one case, the husband lives with his wife and three children. The second wife lives nearby in an apartment with seven more children.

It is believed that another husband lives with his wife and their nine children.

Although polygamy in Germany is against the law, there may be extenuating circumstances in cases where marriages were performed in accordance with foreign laws. Although the practice is widespread in many Islamic countries, it can still cause legal issues in terms of citizenship. One of the children of a former Bundeswehr employee was born in Germany, but she has not been able to get a German birth certificate because her parent’s marriage is not recognized by Germany.

It’s important to note that the German birthrate is only 1.6, far below the replacement rate of the native population. This basic fact is known as the “Great Replacement Theory,” but it is considered racist. It is not allowed to be discussed in polite society.