Mike Pence Campaign Crumbles with One Shocking Ukraine Statement


I can’t imagine why anyone who has no chance of winning would run in the Republican primaries.

Theoretically, anyone can win. The bottom line is, some of these people may not get the numbers needed to qualify for debates. This would be their one chance to make it. Why are they running for office?

You might be surprised to hear that people such as Asa Hutchinson and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum are running for office, and you may be asking, “Who? They have no name recognition or constituency to run nationally. Plus, they are up against former president Donald Trump and Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis who both have some very strong supporters.

What’s the point of all this? Money? Money? They might be noticed if they run and lose now, but not the next time. They hope to get a position in a GOP Cabinet. Or is it just a bunch of ego and the belief that they can somehow make it?

Mike Pence, the former vice president is probably the one person that I don’t really understand. Pence held a CNN town hall on Wednesday night. As we reported, he discussed a wide range of topics. He’s another of those people I can’t imagine what is going through his head. Where is his constituency located? Who’s really excited about a Mike Pence campaign? In many polls, he’s only at 4 percent. How can 4 percent beat Trump’s 50 percent or DeSantis’s 20 percent? What is his platform?

This is not the time to make such announcements.

In this case, I have flashbacks of George W. Bush’s mannerisms. That’s not good. It sounds like he is trying to emulate Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America”, but he just can’t get there. It’s a bit practiced. He may think that evangelicals are his target audience. I think most of them will still be Trump supporters.

Many Republicans accused him of betraying Trump in response to the video, another reason why he has little chance. Pence also spoke out against pardoning the January 6 victims, which was not well received by many.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, has a simple message that speaks to the concerns of voters. It doesn’t come off as canned.

This is a direct way of expressing what matters to people.

Mike Pence said something else at the town hall, which may have ended his career if he had ever stood a chance. Pence criticized Joe Biden for “slowing down” the provision of resources to Ukraine.

Argumentating that Joe Biden doesn’t provide enough aid to Ukraine fast enough is an easy way to gain support from the Republican base. Most Republicans believe that money has been given to Ukraine without a real check or any indication of its end. Ukraine also has a long history of corruption. People will run away from Pence if they hear that Biden hasn’t gone far enough. They believe this is a confirmation of his neocon status. This is an astonishing misreading of the Republican base. This shows him to be a complete loser.