Mike Pence Increases Political Staffers, Signaling 2024 Run


Mike Pence, former Vice President, is indicating a 2024 Presidential run by increasing his political staff and hiring experienced operatives.

Politico reported that Pence’s team currently includes around two dozen employees. This number is likely to rise in the near future. Alison Kjergaard (Republican Senator Ben Sasse) will take over the position of communications director at Advancing American Freedom. This non-profit organization, which is aligned to Pence, functions as a campaign-in-waiting. The team will be joined by two additional communications staffers and fundraising assistants next year.

In recent weeks, Pence has been hinting at a presidential campaign that would see him face off against Donald Trump, his former boss. Pence replied, “I think there will be better choices in the future.”

Pence declined to confirm whether he intends to run but he has stated that he will consider a bid around Christmas.

Pence is not only preparing his campaign staff but has also embarked on a book tour to promote his newly published memoir, So Help Me God. This doubles as a pre-campaign trip. Pence will be touring megachurches in the United States, as well as other stops on his political tour.

Pence stated that he intends to participate in the political process in some capacity.

In a statement to CBS News, he stated that “Whether we are in this debate as candidates or simply as active Republicans, I look forward getting behind the Republican cause, supporting candidates around the nation, as well as our nominee, to get this country turned to the policies which will make us strong, prosperous again.”