MyPillow, MySlippers, MyCoffee… MyRNC? Mike Lindell to Run for RNC Chair


Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, announced Friday that he plans to announce his candidacy for the Republican National Committee chairmanship.

Lindell stated on The Lindell Report that “Guys,” he supports me in running against Ronna McDaniel.

“We have to save our country.” “If they don’t make changes, we can’t allow the RNC to exist.” “They need to make changes based on their current footprint.” “To get a different output, you need to put in a different input.”

Ronna McDaniel, the current Chairwoman of RNC, has indicated that she intends to run for another term in her position. She has held it since 2017. Lee Zeldin (Republican-N.Y.), is also interested but has not yet declared her intention to run.

Lindell’s bid for the auction is unlikely to succeed, and he should instead be focusing on his business.