Nancy Pelosi Blames Putin And Corporate Greed For High Prices


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is still blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin, and “corporate greed”, for the high prices of food and gasoline in the U.S. As Americans continue to identify economic problems as their top concern going into the midterm elections,

Pelosi stated that “this week, generally, was about affordability — affordability in the kitchen table and at the gas pump,” during Thursday’s weekly press conference. She praised legislation she claimed would lower fuel and food costs.

She asked her, referring to the legislation that they claim would lower food prices by lowering fertilizer cost.

In the meatpacking business, competition, and competition are so important. It doesn’t exist. So that will also lower the cost of meat and poultry on the shelf and at the table. And the lowering of cost with cheaper, cleaner unleaded88.” She continued, before blaming Putin for the rising costs, not the Democrats’ deconstruction and dismantling energy independence.

We want to end the hold of foreign supply on American kitchen table. This applies both in fuel and fertilizer. Many of these chicken meat packing companies, which are all foreign, are also phone-owned. The cost of poultry meat at the pump almost immediately rose by two dollars when Putin invaded Ukraine. This was not an immediate, but a near immediate result of his invasion.

“The pump’s price is largely determined by supply. Supply is down. The cost of gas is rising. Costs are rising.

On Friday, the average gas price was $4.413. Inflation reached a new 41-year high in June at 9.1 percent.

As the midterm elections near, it appears that the 82-year old lawmaker is sticking to her talking points. She blames everyone except Democrats for the current economic state of the country.

When asked by a reporter about rising prices, she said that “No, I don’t think the public blames Democrats”. “I believe they are blaming the oil companies. If we do not take action on the fossil fuel industry, they will blame us all.”

According to a June Rasmussen Reports survey, only 11 percent of Americans believe Putin is responsible for the high energy prices.