NBC Sports Philly’s Michael Barkann Goes On Tirade About James Bradberry Super Bowl Holding Call


This is Philly right now.

Michael Barkann is an analyst for NBC Sports Philadelphia and his opinions on the Birds’ Super Bowl LVII defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs were not swayed by the holding call that James Bradberry was given.

Bradberry was penalized after he held Kansas City’s JuJuSmith-Schuster for just two minutes. This call was the main talk of the game and still is. It was an awful call that decided the Super Bowl, and it just handed the Lombardi Trophy over to the Chiefs. It was so bad that Barkann lost his mind on live TV.

“And then they get a third-and-8 on the 15 yard line, and an incomplete passing! Carl Cheffers’ team makes a bullshit call. Barkann rants, “I mean utterly and complete bullshit.” “It’s unbelievable. It’s inexcusable. It’s wrong to make a call right away! The officiating shouldn’t decide the outcome of the game.

It is true. Both sides are represented by the officials. You have to rise above it. I understand. This is the freakin’ Super Bowl! That should never happen!”

Michael Barkann has it right. The referees calling “holding” on this play is complete bullshit. There are two reasons.

1. I have already written about this. Sure, Bradberry has his hand on Schuster’s shoulder, but is he holding him blatantly? No, he’s not. To be honest, he barely touched him.

2. Barkann also pointed out this to me. This is how we will decide the Super Bowl’s final minutes. A call that literally won the Chiefs the title

Yes, it is bullshit.

NBC Philadelphia: This man is spot-on.