Near Tragedy: Ontario Student’s Foiled Mass Shooting Fades From News Spotlight


Ontario Christian High School in Ontario, California narrowly avoided a mass shooting. Sebastian Villasenor, 18, was charged with five counts of attempted murder and one count of criminal threat on Wednesday. On Thursday, he was arraigned and held without bail.

On Wednesday, February 14, Ontario Police Chief Michael Lorenz announced that an 18-year-old student from Ontario Christian High School was arrested and charged with a crime after investigators discovered that he had planned to shoot at least five students in his school, and he had studied police response times, tactical supplies and other information.

According to Lorenz, investigators discovered that Sebastian Bailey Villasenor was “fixed on school shootings” and had access to weapons.

One potential victim went to Ontario High Principal Benjamin Dykhouse and reported their suspicions. Dykhouse took the threat very seriously, alerting the Ontario Police.

According to the criminal complaint, he targeted five students named “Jane Doe”, at the school.

Villasenor is being held at the West Valley Detention Center, Rancho Cucamonga. According to the county jail log, he was arrested in Eastvale.

Ontario Police Chief Michael Lorenz stated at a press conference on Thursday outlining the incident, and the charges that Villasenor was obsessed with the Columbine Massacre. Law enforcement believed that Villasenor intended to carry out his attack on the 20th anniversary of that massacre.


The Ontario Police released photos on Friday showing Villasenor posing with different weapons.

The gun Villasenor holds is a pistol-grip AR-15. It is illegal to own an AR-15 in California. On the social media platform X, he criticizes states that allow constitutional carry for their gun laws.

No Bleeding, No Leading.

This potentially tragic incident could have been avoided thanks to the diligence of Ontario Christian High School principal Benjamin Dykhouse, and law enforcement. Following the failures in Parkland, and Uvalde, Principal Dykhouse, and the Ontario Police Department, should receive national coverage and accolades. However, we live in an upside-down society.

The gun grabbers in Ontario are not able to build a narrative around gun control, nor can they milk the Parkland shooting. The FBI and local police ignored the reports, resulting in 17 deaths. Now, six years later, gun grabbers like David Hogg are using Parkland to their advantage.

Villasenor’s Family Does Not Fit into a Convenient Narrative.

If we go by the name of Villasenor, it is clear that he is not Caucasian. It would be difficult to claim white supremacy. Some Taylor Lorenz is probably digging through his photos to find a picture of him wearing a MAGA cap. But, as Chief Lorenz said in her press conference on Thursday, Villasenor seemed to be an awkward, young man with trouble connecting to others. This led him down a rabbit hole.

According to Lorenz, Villasenor had no trouble forming relationships or interacting with others.

Dykhouse said the arrest was proof that security and the see-something-say-something culture at the school worked but that the school would be “bolstering what is in place. ”

The story was not covered because there was no carnage to be used by the national media to promote their agenda. There was also no anger or protests from the usual suspects to keep the news cycle moving.

According to reports, Villasenor’s parents are cooperating fully. Guns found in the house belonged to Villasenor’s father. These guns were owned legally and secured according to California law.

The chief stated that none of the firearms or ammunition were owned by the suspect, but rather legally belonged to his father. He had them locked safely away in the home.

Unlike the Michigan school shooting Ethan Crumbley who was indicted and convicted of his mother Jennifer Crumbley after the incident, there were not any huge warning signs. Because the legacy media has no interest in studying the real causes, they do not pursue the story. If Villasenor’s story went national, the story would have vanished as quickly as that of the Lakewood Shooter.

We Ignore the Mental Health Aspect

Ontario PD chief Lorenz stated at the Thursday press conference that Villasenor had a fascination with mass shootings and in particular Columbine. He even used Google Maps to determine the response time of the Ontario Police Department towards Ontario Christian High School, should a shooting occur. The level of obsession indicates a mental disorder of some sort. Whether the imbalance was caused by medication, or a lack thereof, remains to be determined. Sebastian Villasenor is a candidate for serious treatment and I hope he gets it. It’s a shame that the help will come through the criminal justice system, but at least he’ll get focused care.

What about the young men and women who are not being given any attention but could benefit from it? What do we see in the school systems, despite all of these resources supposedly being spent to combat this? Gender-affirming care and activist curriculum. The destruction of children, particularly boys, began in the 1990s with over-medicating and blanket diagnosis of ADHD. It has now evolved to include genital mutilation. The majority of school shootings are men, and the only school shooter who was not a male biologically was a sexually confused woman who was going through a gender transition. Instead of dealing with behavioral and mental problems in our youth, society has turned to pharmaceuticals and fantasy. It will not be a good outcome if we ignore this issue.