Nevada Retired Cop Killer Shows No Remorse, Claims He’ll Be Out of Jail in 30 Days


Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys, both Nevada residents, went on a crime rampage that resulted in four cars being stolen, multiple assaults, and the death of a retired police chief. Ayala, Keys, and their accomplices were stupid enough to record some of the crimes they committed.

They deliberately crashed into cars and laughed. They then saw retired Police Chief Andreas Probst (64), cycling in a bicycle lane. This was the second time they had rammed a man that day. A cyclist aged 72 survived being struck by two hooligans.

Ayala parked his car in front of Probst and said “Ready?” to his friend.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hit his a**,” Keys gleefully responded.

Ayala then rammed into Probst who fell into the car. The windshield was shattered and pieces fell onto the seat. Probst rolled the vehicle over and crumpled it to the ground.

Keys screamed after the brutal attack, “That n***a was knocked out.”

Ayala replied, “Sh*t! We need to get out of here.”

They then stole two more cars, before the violence was over.

Probst was a retired police chief who spent 35 years in law enforcement.

Probst was found lying on the side of the road by his wife and daughter.

Probst was about to celebrate…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) September 16, 2023

Probst’s daughter received an alert from her smartwatch when her father fell. He was found minutes later on the street.

After being arrested, Ayala, who is Hispanic, was listed by the police as being “white.” Keys is black.

Probst was arrested hours after the attack.

“You think this juvenile [EXPLETIVE] is gonna do some [EXPLETIVE]? I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet you,” Ayala bragged to police. “It’s just ah, [EXPLETIVE] ah, hit-and-run. Slap on the wrist.”

Ayala did not know he would be charged with 18 counts, including murder and attempted murder.

Ayala was in front of a judge, adorned with a large face tattoo. He was ordered to be held without bail. He was ordered to be held without bail.

Keys was later identified after police viewed a video and recognized Keys’ sneakers.

Las Vegas News 8 spoke to Alaya’s mom and she said, “I do not know why he would have done this.” I don’t think God will forgive this.

Keys’s mother told a different tale. She responded to a message after she hung up from News 8 and said, “My son’s side of the story will be told – ‘the truth’, not the inaccuracies that the media will attempt to portray.”

He is just a poor child from a low-income family.

The liberal bias machine has already been set in motion. Keys is being defended by the Las Vegas News 8 CBS station, which uses a “poor baby’s” story.

The 8 News Now investigators learned that Jzamir Keys was placed in the system of child welfare at the age of eight. According to court documents, his mother was charged in 2016 with five counts of child abuse. The police found five children aged between two and nine at home without food. They also discovered a knife on the kitchen counter.

The neighbors reported that they had seen the children alone for long periods of time. She claimed that she couldn’t find childcare for her children while she was working. She admitted to gross misdemeanor abuse of a child. She later retracted her plea when she completed probation successfully and was convicted of misdemeanor orderly conduct.

The Hyundai Elantra that the two had stolen and used to kill Probst, was found in an abandoned ditch. Blood was splattered on the glass.