New Jersey Councilwoman Refuses to Resign Over Video Showing Alleged Hit-and-Run Crash With Cyclist


A shocking video captures the moment a New Jersey councilwoman is seen speeding through an intersection, allegedly hitting a bicyclist, and then continuing in an apparent hit-and-run accident.

Amy DeGise, Jersey City Councilwoman, is accused of failing to stop or slow down her car after hitting a cyclist last week at the intersection Of Martin Luther King Drive and Forrest Street.

Officials released a video from the traffic camera on Tuesday afternoon showing DeGise’s black SUV striking a cyclist in the middle of the intersection on July 19. The vehicle never slowed down and left the scene.

He was wearing a helmet, backpack, yellow shirt, and jean shorts. After the impact, the man flipped over and fell onto the pavement. He slowly gets up from the ground, with his bike mangled on the other side.

Andrew Black, 29, told police that he had the green light and right of way. reported this, citing a crash investigation. Black stated that he had the right to ride and claimed that he was anxious about crossing the street.

WNBC reported that Black was later mistaken and that he didn’t have the green light. However, DeGise faces mounting calls for resignation because she left the scene of the crash.

Black said to HudPost that someone with prestige would give in to the demands of the law and clean up their streets.

The spokesperson for DeGise said she would not resign despite being criticized.

“Councilwoman DeGise won an overwhelming majority of the vote just months ago, and she is not planning to abandon the commitment she made for the Jersey City people. In a statement that obtained, Phil Swibinski, DeGise’s spokesperson, stated that she will not resign but plans to finish her term and continue in public services.

Swibinski stated that Amy recognizes the need for more information and transparency. She would love to be more thorough in this matter, but she must first go through a legal process. She will not make any public comments at this point.

She stated that she was thankful for the safety of everyone involved in the accident and will continue to do so until all legal issues are resolved. She will continue to work hard to serve her people, as she has done since January when she was inaugurated.

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, in an interview with NJ Spotlight News Monday, criticized DeGise for leaving the scene of the crash. He called it a “tremendous error.”

Fulop added, however, that DeGise had some responsibility for the incident.

According to reports, the councilwoman claimed that she was hit in the head by the car crash. She then reported the incident to police several hours later after leaving the scene.

We reached out Thursday to Amy DeGise and her assistant, in search of additional comments. However, we have not received a response at this time.