New York Breaks Coronavirus Record With Over 38K Cases Across State


    New York had more than 38,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus Thursday, breaking Wednesday’s record of 10,000, according to the New York Post. According to the outlet, “Total positives reached a new state high of 38.835 cases in a record 324,786 people tested in one day according to new data from the state Department of Health.” This was an increase from Wednesday’s 28924 cases of 271,290 tests.

    In a vaccination update on Thursday, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), stated that 95.0 percent of adults in California received at least one dose of vaccines.

    Recent data showed that New York City’s number of cases has increased, with a record 22,808 cases on Thursday. The Post report said:

    These shocking stats are based on new data from New York City that shows that New Yorkers who have not been vaccinated are six times more likely to contract the coronavirus than those who have been vaccinated. They also tend to be more likely to end in the hospital. These tentative findings are based on an analysis of cases between Dec. 5 and Dec. 11, which is the period of the Omicron surge.

    Officials were able to stop a flood of critically ill patients from flooding the city’s hospitals during the winter and spring of 2020 before the vaccines became available.

    The Post reported that hospitalizations rose slightly with 4,534 patients in the state — marking 82 additional patients than the previous day — and that 837 patients were admitted to intensive care units. Also, the state’s death rate has continued to rise.

    The article stated that another 63 people died from the disease, “adding on to the 47.798 deaths recorded by the state’s DOH which includes people who died at hospitals, nursing homes, or adult care facilities.”

    The death toll in the state was higher, at 60,689, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    In an interview on Monday’s CNN’s New Day, Dr. Dave Chokshi, New York City Health Commissioner, stated that although there were increases in coronavirus cases, and test positivity, “we haven’t seen the same thing regarding the markers of severe diseases, especially hospitalizations.” Hospitals were in a “solid position” with regard to hospitalizations, which were far below the peak levels of spring last year and winter.

    John Berman, John’s co-host, asked him: “As far as I know, the hospitals aren’t being taxed. Capacity is okay as of right now.”

    Chokshi said, “Yes, it’s true. It is being closely monitored. We are making the necessary adjustments. We are currently in a strong position.”