NFL Coach Shuts Down Race-Obsessed Reporters


Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles refrained from answering racially-motivated questions. He said that he and his fellow coaches are focused on football and not skin color.

One questioner pointed out that Bowles, Pittsburgh Steelers head coaching Mike Tomlin, is among the NFL’s few black head coaches. Steve Wilks will also be joining this group. Wilks has been appointed interim head coach for the Carolina Panthers.

The Buccaneers will play the Steelers on Sunday, and the Panthers later in the month.

Bowles stated that he enjoys a “very good relationship” with Tomlin. Bowles continued, noting that “we don’t look at our color when” we are arguing against each other. “We are just friends,” Bowles stated that he has many good white friends who coach in this league.

Bowles briefly mentioned Wilks and concluded by saying that “we coach basketball.” We don’t focus on color.”

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Another person asked Bowles a race-related question. He said, “You also know that representation matters too, right?” According to the person, people see you guys when they “see them,” because they “see a person who looks like them” and “grew up like them.”

Bowles snubbed that line of thought. Bowles stated that the expressions “see you guys”, “look like them”, and “grow up as them” are indicative of “that we’re weird balls to start with.” He said, “I think the moment you guys start, stop stopping making a big deal out of it everyone else will too.”

Many Americans will find the comments of the coach refreshing, especially if they are tired of an over-racist culture.