Nikki Haley Blasts Republican Party, Vows To Take Down ‘Socialist’ Joe Biden In Club For Growth Speech


Nikki Haley, former Ambassador to the U.N., and 2024 presidential candidate, heavily criticised her fellow Republicans and called Joe Biden a “socialist president” during her speech at Club for Growth.

She also called for Biden’s “retirement” to be a priority, and she pushed for a new generation in the White House.

She opened with an apparent jab against former President Donald Trump. He did not receive an invitation for the Republican conference.

“I’m sure there’s a Republican candidate who you didn’t invite to this conference. Haley stated that she appreciated being invited.

Then, she attacked other party members for their opposition to capitalism and for not being “decisive enough” to run for president.

“Obviously, the socialist left loathes economic freedom. Some of our fellow Republicans do the same. They are just as badmouthing capitalism as Elizabeth Warren. That’s not what I will say. It’s the exact opposite. Capitalism is the greatest force for good in human history. Haley stated, “I won’t hesitate to say that.”

She described the 2024 presidential race in Washington as a fight between freedom and socialism and vowed to defeat “socialist” Biden.

“Americans will be asked to decide between freedom or socialism in this election. Although I wish I was exaggerating I am not. The Democratic Party has become a socialist party. Joe Biden is a socialist President,” Haley said, pointing out the expansion of welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, and COVID-19 “relief money”.

She stated, “Since COVID hit in the beginning, we’ve spent trillions on people sitting on the couch.”

Haley blamed Biden for the “socialist spending spree”, but also condemned Republican administrations for “wasting taxpayer funds.”

“Here’s some truth. Many Republican politicians are just as passionate about spending taxpayer money as Democrats. The national debt has risen more than $10 trillion since the last Republican president. Just think about it. Haley stated that a third of our debt was incurred under two Republicans. “Don’t believe the media that Republicans and Democrats cannot work together. They seem to work well together when you give them money.”

She said, “I don’t fear calling out my fellow Republicans.” We don’t need anti-freedom, pro-union, pro-welfare politicians in our party. We’re not the Democrats. We’re going to lose if we nominate another large spender in 2024.”

She referred to Don Lemon’s comments about her age in her speech and reiterated her message that Washington, D.C., needed a “new generation of leaders.”

“America is still in its prime. And no, Don Lemon. I’m not beyond mine. Joe Biden, as well as many other politicians, are now past their prime. Haley stated that it was time for a new generation in leadership.