No One F***s With A Biden, Presidents Spicy Remark to Hot Mic in Florida


On Wednesday, President Joe Biden visited Fort Myers, Florida to assess the damage done by Hurricane Ian last week. A hot mic captured him making a spicy comment and promising federal aid.

Joe and Jill Biden, the first lady of Florida, traveled to Florida after Ian’s devastating storm surge and high winds caused billions in damage to Florida. Most of the destruction was concentrated on the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas.

Greg Price, a digital strategist, captured the hot-mic moment on video and shared it via Twitter. He captioned it, “Biden speaks on a hot mic: No one f***s with a Biden …'”

Biden was wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt and could be seen shaking hands at Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy. Murphy wore a bucket cap and sunglasses and the audio first captured Murphy thanking Biden.

He said, “Thanks for all.” “We appreciate your coming out.”

Although the next few comments were not understandable, Biden laughed and said, “No one f***s with a Biden.”

Murphy laughed, “You’re damn correct.”

“And you cannot argue with your brothers out of the house,” Biden responded then. The mayor replied, “That’s exactly correct.”

Critics quickly suggested that there were many people who “f*** with Biden”, taking to Twitter to give examples.

“LOL, except OPEC and Saudis, Russias, China, and DJT,” @RDog861 tweeted.

@JTlol tweeted “Except for the Taliban”

“Except for China…and Russia…and Ukraine…And anyone else who paid them.” Jeff Carlson tweeted, “But apart from that? Sure.”

@LibertyLockPod commented that “CCP and Russia, N Koreas, OPEC & Inflation could not be reached to comment.”

Vince Coglianese, a radio host, stated that Hunter’s entire laptop is in dispute.

@CurtMills said, “If the White House & the Democrats actually allowed Biden the real dude to be president of the United States, he’d probably have hilariously popular — but that has happened like 4 days in a basically miserable 600.”

Biden’s official remarks seemed to be a little off-putting as well. After stating that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had done a great job in protecting the state from the devastating storm, he began a long and complicated story about providing telephone poles for the state that could withstand similar conditions.