North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile After Threatening Fiercer Military Action


After threatening a “fiercer military response” to the US and its growing cooperation with South Korea, Japan, and other countries, North Korea launched a missile on Thursday.

According to CNN:

Seoul, South Korea

On Thursday, North Korea tested a ballistic weapon and warned the United States about a “fiercer” military response to Washington’s increased defense ties with South Korea. This was in light of rising tensions in the region.

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Choe Son Hui, North Korean Foreign Minister, stated that the US’s strengthening of extended deterrence for allies in the region was “gambling” and something it would regret.

Choe stated that the greater the US defense presence, the “fierce (North Korean) counteraction will be, directly proportionate to it.”

This latest volley comes after several missile launches in October and early November.

According to the AP:

According to its neighbors, the missile that was fired from the North’s east coast Wonsan at 10:48 AM landed in waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. The launch was quickly detected by the South Korean, U.S., and Japanese militaries. They claim it threatens stability in the area.

This was North Korea’s eighth ballistic missile firing in just eight days, and it was the most recent in its string of tests over the past months. North Korea claimed that some of the tests were simulations for nuclear attacks against South Korean or U.S. targets. Experts believe that North Korea will eventually seek to increase its nuclear capabilities to win more concessions from its competitors.

It also happened two days after President Biden met Chinese leader Xi Jinping at G20 Bali, Indonesia in a less than a reassuring display of deference.

Biden, however, was in Bali, Indonesia on Monday for the G20. He met with Xi Jinping, China’s leader. It was clear who seemed to be in control of the exchange from the greeting. Xi stood and made Joe Biden walk towards him. Xi didn’t even meet him halfway. Biden held his hand out. It cried out “weakness” as well as loss of face.

Biden smiles like he is meeting his best friend. This is not a country that has threatened us or our allies and lied about COVID. Joe replied, “I’m desperate for some kind of win.” It didn’t appear like someone trying to hold China responsible for their poor behavior.

It’s not difficult to believe that the North Koreans kept a close eye on Biden’s trip abroad. The AP also pointed out this:

Choe’s declaration was North Korea’s first official reaction to the trilateral summit of Joe Biden with his South Korean, Japanese, and South Korean counterparts at a regional gathering in Cambodia on Sunday. The three leaders condemned North Korea’s latest missile tests and agreed that they would work together to improve deterrence. Biden reiterated the U.S. commitment to defending South Korea and Japan with all its capabilities, including nuclear weapons.

Both South Korea and Japan claimed that the launch had undermined peace and security in the Korean peninsula. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff called it “a grave provocation.” U.S. Pacific Command said the launch “highlights (North Korea) the destabilizing effect of its unlawful weapons of mass destruction” and “highlights the impact of (North Korea] ballistic missile programs and unlawful weapons of mass destruction.”

The question is, what actions will be taken to end North Korea’s expansionist tendencies?