Notice the Weak Misdirect the Left Uses to Counter the Argument for Free Speech


You’ll probably see more leftists on your timeline now that the prisoners are freed via Twitter. Although they are annoying, this was in part the goal. Your tweets can now be heard in their monologue, and free speech is not being suppressed or hidden behind the biased algorithm.

You might be trolling or being attacked by some of them. You can keep your weapons to a minimum, but I advise that you avoid engaging with anyone who is irritated on your timeline. You will be there all day. Most people don’t want to argue with you.

Mark Twain once stated, “never argue with an idiot”. “They will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.” Twitter is proof of that. But I digress.

This new development has left Leftists clearly dissatisfied. Their sense of narrative superiority is now thrown out the window and they will be faced with ideas they don’t want to hear or see.

They have an argument that they use to both defend and counter the argument of free speech. It looks like this:

This is just one example of the popular left belief that those who use racial slurs and encourage violence against the racial group are the same people that support white supremacy. They also point out that vaccines have never worked, that transgender persons aren’t the sex they claim to be, or simply have questions about the 2020 elections. They believe that anyone who rejects radical leftist beliefs such as CRT is the same person who storms the capitol.

Although it is a very easy-brain approach, it works well for narrative purposes. It is a simple sword to use and does not require much thought or nuance.

It protects against any accusations of authoritarianism. It is a virtue signal, and the person who invokes extremism makes it appear they care about society. It is a message of “I care more about you than you do”, which paints their authoritarianism and moral high ground.

It is evident that the sword aspect of it all is very real. They want to make people who disagree with them and point out fair points against them look like the same people who hurl racial slurs and demand that all LGBT community members be marched down to the gallows. It is their goal to make it appear that you, the person pointing out that lockdowns don’t work and Democrats mishandle our economy, are the same man waving a Confederate flag as you smash a window at Capitol so you can storm in.

Your arguments should be regarded as irrelevant if they come from someone who is just as dangerous as you are.

It’s obvious that it’s a ridiculous narrative, but it pervades the collective mind of the left more than you might think, and is the main argument against free speech.

It’s all a misdirect. If you feel the need to interact, ask them to prove that you are not radical. Don’t allow them to make you answer tweets from someone else. They’ll try to keep you on track, but they won’t give up. They’ll either stop talking to you or push the issue until you stop talking. It doesn’t matter which way you choose, the important thing is that anyone who may be able to see the conversation will get the strategy.

Keep an eye out also for plants. Trolls and leftists will pretend to be right-leaning extremists, so they will start using the same phrases that the left accuses the right of use. This is not an accident, but it’s important to remember that tweets are not your responsibility.