NYC Mom Hired Deprogrammer for Daughter Brainwashed by College’s Woke Agenda


Annabella Rockwell, a 29-year-old Manhattan pharmaceutical heiress, told the New York Post that her mother had to pay $300 per day for a deprogrammer to counter her indoctrination to harmful ‘woke views. Mount Holyoke, an elite college for women in Massachusetts, was where she was.

Rockwell said of the school, “I was so excited about going to this renowned, respected school in Massachusetts I literally arrived there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I was just so happy.”

But her happiness was not to be found as she was “totally integrated” into a worldview that stressed toxic patriarchy and made herself its victim.

Rockwell had a very rich life. Rockwell was born in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Rockwell spent summers in Newport Island, R.I., then moved to Palm Beach, Fla., before moving to Mount Holyoke, in 2011. Rockwell was a competitive figure-skating competitor and lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Rockwell chose Mount Holyoke for its academic rigor…

Rockwell claimed that she was driven to drink and became estranged from her mother for a short time. During an argument, she threw a vase.

Rockwell said that she was born into a traditional family and considered herself open-minded.

According to a Fox News report

Rockwell stated, “I left school anxious, nervous, and depressed.

Rockwell stated, “I just fell down the deep rabbit hole”, adding, “If not for her deprogrammer I’d probably be living in Massachusetts…and would have been miserable.”

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A minor in politics claimed that an all-women school had ‘totally ingratiated her into thinking she was an oppressed woman under patriarchy.”

“This professor spoke to me about patriarchy. It was something that I knew. I believed that I was always free. I have never felt sexism.”