NYPD Officers Flee New York For Better Opportunities In Florida Police Department


Police officers have resigned from the New York City Police Department to join the Lakeland police department, Florida. Officers feel they are more well-received in Florida.

14 NYPD officers fled NYPD in pursuit of the Lakeland Police Department over the past year. Months ago, Lakeland began a campaign to recruit NYPD officers via social media. According to the Post, the department sent an agency in April to recruit officers in Times Square.

Matthew Spoto, a former NYPD officer, recalled his conversation at Times Square with a background investigator and called it “an eye-opener.”

Spoto stated that Spoto had said that police cars could be parked in front of your home. This was in reference to the differences in perceptions of police officers in both cities. “I used to have to lie about what my past activities were. Because it almost seemed like I was ashamed of being a law enforcement officer, I used to have people tell me I was like a bartender.

Spoto said that it doesn’t matter what type of job you have. Former NYPD officer stated that he wanted to do all the things necessary to help people as an NYPD officer but that “the laws and tools available to me didn’t allow me to.”

According to New York City’s official site, the starting salary for new officers is $42,500 per year, while the minimum salary is $53,000 in Lakeland, Florida.

A major selling point for NYPD officers on their recruiting trip was Lakeland’s Florida income tax. Patrick Lynch, President of the Police Benevolent Association stated that many New York City police officers are trying to weigh their sub-standard salaries against the ever-increasing scrutiny, abuse, and challenges.

They don’t even have to travel all the way from Florida. Lynch said that there are many better-paying departments of the police in and around NYC and they are hiring. “We don’t blame anyone for leaving. New York City must wake up.

Tensions between the NYPD and officers resulted in tensions after Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) issued a mandate to municipal workers for vaccinations on November 1. Governor DeSantis emphasized the contrast between Florida and New York by emphasizing how no police officer, firefighter, or nurse should lose their jobs due to these jabs.

The governor stated that they must stand up for people and preserve their jobs and their livelihoods.