OnlyFans Model Exposes Shocking Allegations: Biden Admin Paid for Political Propaganda on Social Media


Richard Hanania, the founder and president of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology and a social media influencer, was told by Farha Khalidi that she was paid by a third party to post “full-on political propaganda” for the Biden administration.

Khalidi, in the podcast interview, says that she was financially supported during college by paid promotion on social media.

By the time I finished college, I was already taking ads from the Biden Administration, Planned Parenthood, and dating apps. It was like, financially supporting me.

She clarified the Biden administration didn’t reach out to her, but she believes a media entity acting on behalf of him paid her for promotion.

Khalidi said:

It’s like a third party, not Biden. You know what I’m talking about? It’s like a media company doing it for him. I don’t blame him for this.

She also claimed she was told not to tell her followers that this paid promotion was a commercial. Khalidi claimed that the company said this disclosure wasn’t required because the promotion didn’t involve a product.

She said:

They were saying, “Technically it is not a product so you do not have to disclose that it is an advertisement.”

Khalidi claimed that they wanted her to be used as an “edgy black girl” to claim to feel represented by Ketanji Jackson’s nomination for Supreme Court Justice by the Biden Administration.

I think that they wanted a girl of color who was edgy to tell the world — when they chose Ketanji, they were like: “Can you tell us “as a woman of color” you know, you feel “reflected?”

The creator was upset that she would be used as a puppet of a person of color and said she felt especially offended by the idea of a white individual telling her how to feel as a member of a racial minority.

Khalidi said:

The black-pilled propaganda was a bit too much for me.

They’re like: “As another black person can you say that you feel represented by Ketanji?” I’m like: “No, I will talk about Ketanji’s background and her achievements.” But you know what I mean. I won’t say the corny stuff even if a brown person sent it to me.

Khalidi is an OnlyFans model, comedian, and TikToker known for her political humor videos. She became known in 2022 through her TikTok videos and appearances on podcasts such as “Whatever Podcast”, “Fresh and Fit” and other “manosphere” podcasts. Khalidi was featured on the latest episode of “Whatever Podcast” with Michael Knowles. They debated whether women should go to college.

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Khalidi’s payment to promote political content is not known.