PA Senate Debate an UTTER DISASTER


John Fetterman’s campaign tried to lower their expectations of Dr. Mehmet O, the Republican nominee. They even suggested that Fetterman would lose.

They didn’t disappoint my expectations, I can assure you that.

I was there for the debate and felt sorry for Fetterman at times. He probably expected to bounce back faster and stronger from his stroke, but Tuesday’s debate performance only showed how far he’s come in his recovery. Pennsylvania voters and the nation saw that he isn’t capable of serving as a U.S. Senator.

The discussion was conditional on Fetterman’s inclusion of closed captioning to help him with his cognitive impairments. Although the moderators were open about the system, Fetterman was unable to articulate his views clearly.

It was obvious from the beginning that this was going to be a difficult night for Fetterman. He opened the debate by saying, “Hi, goodnight everybody!”

From there, it got worse. “Hi, goodnight, everybody. I am running to serve Pennsylvania. He is running to help Pennsylvania. This is a man who spent more than $ 20 million of his own money in order to purchase that seat. I also have to mention something called “The Oz Rule”, which states that if he is on TV, he lies. He did it during his television career. Fetterman, struggling to find the right words, said that he’s done it during his campaign about lying about…our record here. “And he’s probably lying probably during the debate. Let’s not forget about the elephant in this room. I had a stroke. That’s something he has never forgotten. While I may have missed a few words in this debate, I can still remember the rest. But it did knock me down and I will keep going up. This campaign, to me, is all about fighting for Pennsylvanians who have been knocked to the ground and fighting for forgotten communities across Pennsylvania who were also knocked to the ground.

Answering questions was the hardest part.

He said, “We all need to ensure that everyone who works is able,” “That’s the best bargain in America, that you can live with dignity even if you work full-time if you do.”

Are you following? It gets worse.

“And I think they haven’t had any business being. Businesses can’t be subsidized by not paying… people who can’t pay their own bills.

Sometimes he seemed to be unable to answer questions about his position, like his opposition to fracking in 2018 and his support for it now.

Fetterman should have prepared for a question regarding his refusal to release his medical records. He also failed to prepare that answer.

Dr. Oz mentioned the Fetterman incident in which Fetterman pursued a black unarmed man. Fetterman did not respond to this request.

It was a shame to see Fetterman incapable of articulating a simple position about rising tuition costs. He replied that he believed when questioned. It’s just that I believe so. It was too expensive. It is possible to afford tuition if you have the resources.

What does this even mean? It doesn’t mean much.

This debate was, in the end, unlike any other, I have ever seen. John Fetterman’s cognitive impairment was a major obstacle that he could not overcome. He was unable to comprehend speech and could not speak coherently, despite all the accommodations he received. Dr. Oz, on the other hand, was polished and articulate, thanks to his many years as a TV personality. He also was articulate when discussing the issues. It’s hard to imagine that Fetterman could be trusted by even Democrat voters, as I watched the debate.

I had never seen Dr. Oz live before Tuesday night and honestly, I didn’t know much about him. His performance and knowledge of the issues made me feel much better about his candidacy.