PolitiFact Under Fire for Labeling Babylon Bee Satire on Transportation Secretary Buttigieg as ‘False’


I refuse to accept that “fact-checking” left-wing sites such as Snopes or NPR FactCheck lack the intellectual ability to differentiate between fact and satire. These leftist hives that have self-assigned their legitimacy ignore the satire and only focus on what is being satirized.

Why? Cut satire is too personal for the left.

This example comes from The Babylon Bee – the best satire website on the planet. We’re talking about the irrelevant and do-nothing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The fact-checking industry has been having a tough time figuring out The Bee. They know The Bee is a satirical site, but they can’t help making themselves look silly over Bee Stings after Bee Stings.

Buttigieg is back. The headline of The Bee on March 27 read, “Buttigieg Praise Cargo Ship for Helping Destroy Racism in America.”

As I said earlier, anyone objective and intelligent would instantly realize that The Bee’s headline is satire. Remember, the more satire or comedy is based on reality, the funnier the joke. This Bee Sting has stung those on the left.

PolitiFact published a “fact-check” with The Bee headlines in quotes on Friday, just two days after The Bee article was released.

Ciara O’Rourke, PolitiFact, then displayed utter stupidity on multiple levels.

Recently, a Facebook post shared the headline of a website satirizing the news. However, not everyone understood it.

The headline read “Buttigieg thanks cargo ship for helping to dismantle racist attitudes on American roads”, alongside photos of Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg with the cargo ship which crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

One person said, “And these people are running our country.”

Someone else commented, “I haven’t read it but I think it is something that he would say.”

This post was flagged by Meta as part of its efforts to combat fake news and misinformation in the News Feed. Read more about Meta’s partnership with Facebook and Instagram.

PolitiFact, for example, is utterly stupid. Its silly article was legitimized by the absurd attempt of Meta to point to a flag that has no meaning. As if Meta or Facebook were beacons of truth and legitimacy.

She continued, “O’Rourke not only flagged the Facebook user.”

Since the collapse of Key Bridge, comments Buttigieg had made in 2021 have been taken out of context. PolitiFact discredited a social media post claiming that the Transportation Secretary blamed the collapse of the Key Bridge on racism.

Buttigieg, in an interview from 2021, said that racism had sometimes been a factor in highway planning and construction.

Buttigieg stated in the interview published on April 6 that “there is racism built into some highways. That’s why Jobs Plan has committed specifically to reconnecting some of the communities who were divided by those dollars.” He was referring to President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan, which would fund infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and highways.

We consider the claim that Buttigieg praised a ship as a way to help dismantle racism on American roads “False.”

It’s hilarious, but so predictable.


I find it hilarious that the left is so desperate to continue to demonize Donald Trump 24/7. They lie about Biden’s declining cognitive ability, and even throw hissy fit at The Babylon Bee, rather than highlighting Biden’s numerous accomplishments as president.