Polls Show Overwhelmingly Negative Approval Of House GOP Performance


A CNN poll on Jan 26 showed that the majority of Americans don’t like the House Republicans’ job performance. Despite the fact that neither party receives significant approval from the public in the poll, the numbers for the GOP are much worse.

This poll shows that Republicans have some areas to be concerned about. The poll shows that only 32 percent of Americans approve the work done by the GOP in Congress. 67 percent disagree. The Democrats in Congress did slightly better with 40% approval and only 59 percent disapproval.

Respondents claim that the GOP House leadership has not given enough attention to “country’s most pressing issues” while 27% believe they have.

Also, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s approval ratings have fallen. According to the poll, 38 percent of Americans are negative about McCarthy and 19% are positive.

According to polls, 70% of Americans think things are bad in America. However, it may be difficult for President Joe Biden to blame this pessimism. 60% of Americans believe that Republicans have more control over the direction the country takes in the next two-years, while only 39% believe that Biden has greater influence within the same time frame.

Recent polls aren’t encouraging either for House Republicans. A Jan. 15 Ipsos survey found that 34% of Americans think that the long-running battle for the speakership has weakened the party. Only 19% believe the struggle made it stronger. A Deseret News/HarrisX poll found that 41% of Americans think the Republican Party is weaker because the speaker’s race was lost. Only 23% believe the party has grown stronger.

With a margin of error of 4 percent, the CNN poll interviewed 1,004 respondents between January 19 and 22, Ipsos surveyed 2,010 people between Jan. 10-11 with a 4.2 percent margin. The Deseret News/HarrisX survey surveyed 915 respondents from Jan. 9 to 10, with a 3.2 percentage margin of error.