Putin Promises Ramp-Up Of Russian Nuclear Forces After Nixing Key Treaty


After the U.S. pulled out of the landmark New START Treaty, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, pledged to increase Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

Putin spoke on Thursday to celebrate the Defender of Fatherland Day. This holiday honors the role of the national army and he promised to concentrate his efforts on strengthening Russia’s nuclear weapons and defense arsenals. Putin announced the deployment and production of Sarmat air-launched missile system systems.

“The Navy will have 100 percent of modern weapons and equipment with the Borei-A submarine-powered sub-marine Emperor Alexander III operational. Putin stated that three more cruisers will be delivered to Navy in the next years from the project.

After President Joe Biden’s remarks Tuesday in Warsaw about his efforts to protect Ukraine and his criticism of Russia for starting war, the nuclear treaty was suspended.

“President Putin chose to wage war on this country. He can choose to continue the war every day. He could stop the war by saying a single word. It’s simple. It would be simple. If Russia stopped invading Ukraine it would end war. Biden stated that Ukraine would stop defending itself against Russia if it stopped invading Ukraine.

According to NBC News, Major-General Yevgeny Yevgeny Ilin, a top Russian defense official, stated to the Russian Parliament’s lower house that the armed forces would continue to adhere to the New START Treaty law regarding how many warheads each country can possess.

Dmitry Medvedev (former Russian President), who renewed the nuclear treaty for five years in 2019 with former President Barack Obama, supports Russia’s position that it can use the nuclear arsenal if it feels threatened. According to a Telegram statement, he released a statement.

Medvedev stated that “If the United States wishes to defeat Russia, then then we have the rights to defend ourselves using any weapon including nuclear.”