Rand Paul Asks If Fauci Is Advising Justice Sotomayor


    Rand Paul asked Dr. Anthony Fauci if he is “advising” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor after she proclaimed falsehoods during oral arguments at that court as justices weighed President Joe Biden’s coercive vaccination mandates.

    Sotomayor stated that “we have more than 100,000 children in serious condition, many of them on ventilators”, a coronavirus virus, Friday raising eyebrows. After the comments were made, Sen. Paul, a well-known critic of Anthony Fauci, tweeted: Sotomayor: over 100,000 children…in severe condition, many on ventilators.’ Is Justice Sotomayor being advised by Fauci? YouTube will censor her.

    Liberal justices’ assertion that there are currently 4,000 coronavirus-infected children in hospital is clearly false. This figure is far lower than the 100,000 number declared by the justice during oral argument at the Supreme Court.

    Washington Post figures show that more than 4,000 children were admitted to hospital with covid-19 Wednesday across the country. This is a new record, surpassing previous highs set in the summer when the delta variant was causing an increase in infections.

    This tally includes both confirmed and suspected pediatric covid-19 cases. It reflects an alarming rise in the number of infections in this group. Two weeks ago, less than 2000 children were admitted to hospitals with covid. At 3,713, the seven-day average for pediatric hospitalizations was slightly lower. Adult hospitalizations are also on the rise.

    Data from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), revealed that 0.1%-1.6% of their child COVID-19 cases ended in hospitalization, per the 24 states that reported this metric. This is also known as cumulative hospitalizations.

    The AAP stated that between 0.00% and 0.02% of all COVID-19 child cases in [the 46] states reported, there was a death.

    This is not the only controversial statement Sotomayor made Friday. She also falsely claimed the omicron variant of the delta is “just as fatal” as the latter.