Rep. Troy Nehls Grills Secretary Pete Buttigieg On Biden’s Health, Fitness For Office


Rep. Troy Nehls (Republican-Texas) asked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Tuesday if he had discussed using the 25th Amendment in order to remove President Joe Biden.

Buttigieg responded by saying that “first of, I’m happy to have a president that can ride a bike, and I will look past the insulting nature that that question and make it clear that the President, United States …” before that he trailed off. Nehls’ questions were also answered by Buttigieg, who said “of course”

Nehls continued by asking if Buttigieg had emailed or texted anyone about the president’s decline in health via his private phone.

Buttigieg dodged the question and didn’t answer it. Buttigieg stated, “The President of America is as vigorous as a colleague or boss that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Nehls also questioned Buttigieg over Biden’s apparent slurring words. He quoted Buttigieg as saying that he had questioned then-President Donald Trump about his mental fitness for the presidency.

Nehls reminded Buttigieg that CNN reported in September 2019 that Buttigieg said to CNN: “If our presidency doesn’t in good condition, then our country won’t be in good condition.”

Nehls pointed out that the presidency is in poor shape and America continues to be faced with so many crises by Biden’s administration.