Reporter Unloads On Lori Lightfoot After She Revokes His Press Credentials


Chicago reporter Lori Lightfoot sued the outgoing Democratic Mayor of Chicago for revoking her press credentials. This happened Wednesday at a city council meeting.

William Kelly, a reporter, sued Lightfoot for allegedly trying to “prevent anyone” from asking her about her many failures as an office holder or her false statements.

Kelly stated, “I should be sitting there with my coworkers, but I’m standing here because I was going viral on a weekly basis asking you obvious questions, and instead of answering them you told me that crime was down. My videos went viral, amassed million of likes, shares, and it was hurting you re-election campaign. So you revoked [my media credential].”

“This should never happen in free countries.”

“You closed down our schools, churches, and businesses. “You did what I believed impossible: As someone who was raised in Chicago’s South Side, I never imagined that I would see Chicago fall so low,” William Kelly reported.

“I hope you’ll pack your bags and leave my city after today’s meeting of the city council.”

Kelly said to Fox & Friends on Thursday that he spoke for his fellow citizens.

“Even if she did not pull my credentials, I would still have missed the chance to ask her questions or speak for the people in Chicago after the city council meeting. Mayor Lightfoot cancelled her post-city council meeting media conference.”

Kelly was denied press credentials after he claimed he exposed Lightfoot’s ineptness.

Lightfoot and David Brown, former police superintendent, allegedly concocted an altercation that allegedly took place in July to justify the revoking of their credentials.