Republican Insiders Swoop in to Save Liz Cheney With a Crazy Idea


All information indicates that Rep. Liz Cheney will lose her Wyoming Primary. Cheney was the leader of the January 6th committee and has made a big deal about Donald Trump in Washington over the past few years. Cheney’s lead is now in double figures to Harriet Hageman, as a result of the August 16th elections.

The desperation has led to Dick Cheney, former Vice-President, being called in to run an advertisement campaign. It was amazing to see Democrats who once accused him of war crimes, now praise him for his honesty and declare Donald Trump the greatest threat to America’s history. He said that disregarding the Civil War, and all the presidents who tried to interrogate or even kill people.

This move highlighted Cheney’s problems. It’s not surprising that Republican voters would look for someone who cares about them, especially when Trump is their only option. She’s using an unorthodox strategy to win an unlikely victory.

What’s the deal? Hageman’s challenge has been met by two seemingly unrelated political organizations.

Wyomingites for Democracy and Freedom runs TV and digital ads encouraging Wyoming Democrats to vote for Cheney during the Aug. 16 primary elections.

Conservatives For America paint Hageman as a fake conservative who is in league with Cheney and critical of Trump.

This group aims to support two primary challengers to Cheney in an apparent effort to split the anti-Cheney vote.

It is not unusual for Democrats to cross over to vote for Cheney.

According to Wyoming Secretary-of-State’s website, there are 193,000 registered Republicans in Wyoming. By contrast, there are 44,000 registered Democrats in Wyoming.

In other words, these GOP groups are wasting taxpayers’ money. This is quite common. Cheney and others know that Cheney is wasting taxpayers’ money.

Cheney’s belligerence will only grow once she loses. She will drag on this January 6th thing until it is too late. She will then leave the office.