Republican Utah Gov. Spencer Cox Says Misinformation Is Killing People


    Spencer Cox, Utah’s Republican Governor, said that it wasn’t “hyperbole” to say “misinformation kills people.” He spoke out during an interview with Desert News. He also condemned hateful rhetoric and expressed concern over a declining faith in America’s institutions. He would even go as far as to claim that current politics and misinformation are literally causing people death.

    “Yeah. Cox replied. “It’s true. That’s not hyperbole. There is evidence that certain people out there believe things I don’t believe, which I can confirm are false. They made a decision that left them vulnerable to this horrible virus.

    Cox stated that misinformation was “definitely killing people.” That’s very sad.

    Cox stated that this includes media institutions, higher education institutions, family institutions, and church institutions. When it comes to the things that define us, “all the needles are kinda pointed down.” … If we lose faith in these institutions and lose trust in each other, then men become brutish, selfish, and very tribal in an extremely concerning way.

    According to public surveys, Utah’s governor asserts that Americans have lost faith and trust in their institutions. According to public surveys, Americans’ faith and trust in social and political institutions is at record levels.