Republicans Hammer Democrat Chris Pappas for Keeping Taxpayer-Funded Office Closed


    Republicans hammered vulnerable New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Chris Pappas because he allegedly kept his almost $5,000 a month taxpayer funded district office closed while he campaigned.

    According to a Washington Free Beacon report, Pappas, like many congressional members, has been fundraising and campaigning in recent weeks, while keeping his office shut down. According to the report, Pappas held an indoor event with Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. In an effort to “continue to promote social ditancing” because of the coronavirus, at least one of her offices has been closed.

    The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a group which supports House Republicans’ policies and their policies, hammered Democrat while asking why his office pays for a spot in a car park if his office closes.

    Cally Perkins, CLF Press Secretary, stated that Granite Staters deserve representatives who show up to work for them. “If Chris Pappas doesn’t want to do the job he was elected for, New Hampshire should send him home to elect someone else.”

    The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), also attacked Pappas, accusing him of not even trying to work.

    Samantha Bullock, spokesperson for the NRCC, stated that “Granite Staters” are being crushed by inflation, a crisis at the border, and rising crime. Chris Pappas cannot even pretend he is working for them.

    Republican candidate Matt Mowers is seeking to unseat the Democrat. He released a long statement asking Pappas to “provide complete transparency” about why his office is closed. However, he continues to vote in lockstep with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden.

    Chris Pappas, a career politician, voted in the same way as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Now Granite Staters are paying for it. Our representative is unable to even open his office to help his constituents, while people struggle to make ends meet and must use their savings to heat and feed their families. Pappas supports the Biden-Pelosi agenda at 100% and clearly doesn’t understand the needs of Granite Staters every day.

    I’m calling on Congressman Pappas for full transparency in this matter, including revealing why his office is closed on a Wednesday afternoon and posting his office hours online. I will work hard for New Hampshire’s middle-class families and not abandon them in the cold when it is most needed.

    According to Government spending disclosures, Pappas’s office pays approximately $5,000 per month in rent for his taxpayer funded district offices. According to reports, his office denied that his office was closed.