Republicans Winning In Biden’s Hometown Will Be A Giant Repudiation Of His Agenda


Jim Bognet is a Trump-endorsed Republican congressional candidate for Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District. He declared Saturday on Breitbart News that the election of Matt Cartwright (D–PA) in November would be a “giant repudiation” of the Biden/Pelosi agenda.

Bognet discussed his congressional district with other candidates and said that “Republicans want candidate who will fight” since everyday people “sick and tired” of being rolled.

Bognet said that Trump’s country is Scranton and Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District. “These are people who, you know. Working-class folks signed up for President Trump’s office. He said that it was an honor to have him visit Pennsylvania to campaign for me.

Trump-endorsed Republican said that the party is evolving from its previous state. “I believe you’re seeing a Republican Party changing to represent the working-class people who have pulled themselves up using their own bootstraps and not necessarily the country club Republicans of a generation ago.”

He declared that he was pleased with the outcome of the Republican primary against Mike Marsicano, a former Democrat, and looking ahead to the November general election. His opponent, the Democrat Congressman, is “one of those country club guys.”

He said that Matt Cartwright (Democrat representing Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District) is “a guy who has four homes and is worth $20,000,000.” He fits right in with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and other people who have spent their lives in public service, but seem to be worth $100 millions in the deal.

He said that voters in the Eighth Congressional District were “sick and tired of having to pay for skyrocketing prices for gasoline and diesel,” and they should vote for him because he and other Republicans will bring about change in Washington.