Revolt in the Ranks: Biden Campaign Staffers Stage Rebellion Amidst Israel-Hamas Discord


Joe Biden’s re-election 2024 campaign is having some problems. A letter published on Wednesday by campaign staffers demanded that the president institute a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas although the latter is continuing to engage in offensive actions and refuses to surrender.

The article was written by the Biden Campaign Staff of Ceasefire Now and published by Medium. The names are not even a good attempt, but the content will make you scream through your screen. The moral bankruptcy is evident when you look at each of the five demands.

1. Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and leverage financial and diplomatic leverage.

Let’s play this game. How do you achieve a “permanent truce” with an organization that continues to violate every ceasefire? On the morning of 7th October, Hamas invaded Israel. They slaughtered over 1,000 people. Hamas has broken multiple ceasefires in the current conflict.

The “ceasefire immediately” pro-Hamas fanatics will never bring up this issue. They pretend Israel has a peace partner, but it does not. As long as Hamas exists, there can be no truce. Hamas should surrender if these lunatics are serious about a ceasefire. Once you look at all their demands, it will become clear that they are not going to comply.

2. Demand that Israel and Hamas free the more than 2,000 Palestinians held in administrative detention without charge.

Last time Israel allowed Palestinian terrorists to walk free they were killed on 7th October. Hamas did not take innocent hostages. Palestinian terrorists took Palestinian prisoners while they were committing terrorist acts. It is morally repugnant that “ceasefire” clowns keep drawing one while keeping a straight face.

3. Stop unconditional military aid to Israel

The military aid sent to Israel is largely used to fund and replenish the “Iron Dome,” a completely self-defense-oriented system used to take down Hamas rockets. Remember that rockets are being launched into populated areas even though the war is still ongoing. The “ceasefire immediately” crowd wants Jews to be killed without a struggle.

4. Investigate whether Israel’s actions in Gaza violate the Leahy Law which prohibits U.S. military assistance from funding foreign units involved in gross human rights violations.

Strangely, they demand Israel be investigated, but never mention Hamas. Hamas is not being called to surrender. No one is calling for the investigation and delegitimization of the terrorist government. Israel is the focus.

5. Take concrete measures to stop the apartheid conditions, occupation, and ethnic cleansing which are the root cause of this conflict.

Israel’s 20 percent Arab population is proof that there is no apartheid. There was no occupation in Gaza before October 7th. These claims of oppression are always omitted, even though the Arabs who began calling themselves “Palestinians” in the 1960s started numerous wars and ultimately lost their territory.

Last but not least, Israel is not committing “genocide” or “ethnic cleansing”. Even if you are against “settlements,” that does not constitute “ethnic cleansing.” Ironic, yes, that the “ceasefire-now” fans demand an end of “apartheid”, but then demand apartheid on Gaza and West Bank by opposing any Jewish presence. The very thing they are claiming to be against.

Biden is a man who deserves it all. The far left is eating itself. Now that the Democrat establishment has dealt with the consequences of feeding the alligator to gain short-term political advantage, they will have to deal with it. Good luck.