RFK Jr. Defiant in Face of Attacks, Censorship, Smears: Holds Steady at 20% in Dem Primary Polling


Big Village CARAVAN conducted a recent survey to assess the preferences of Democrat Party voters in June 2023. The Brandon entity scored 60.3%. RFK Jr. was at 19.%. Marianne Williamson scored 9.7%. “Someone else” gets 10.9%.

It means that only about 40% of the voters in his own party actively oppose Brandon’s re-nomination and support other candidates. This is almost unheard of from a president. This is all without debates, and with the corporate state media on his side.

It gets worse for Brandon if he makes it to the general election in 2024 (probably with the help of heavy medication): Among all voters surveyed — Republican, Democrat, and non-affiliated — the incumbent president’s campaign has a paltry support of 35.2% compared to Kennedy at 39.4%.

There is no way that Brandon will ever win a non-rigged, legitimate election.

The stenographers of corporate state media who call themselves journalists, smugly proclaim that there are no serious opponents to Biden.

Let’s quickly recap what corporate state media and Democrat Party Leadership (one and the same entity, obviously) have done to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Hakeem Jeffreys (D-NY), the House Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, called RFK Jr. a “living, breathing false-flag operation.” Of course, nobody knows what this means, and certainly not a token minority. But it is sure to appeal to a certain group of liberals who watch MSNBC.

YouTube/Google has censored Kennedy’s content.

In a conspiracy theory that is almost impossible to believe, but they hope will stick, they have accused him of using a secret Nazi Code on Twitter.

The Democratic Party has attempted to remove him from the ballot.

He was prevented from giving an open testimony before Congress about, ironically, state censorship.

Kennedy has repeatedly explained that he is in favor of safe, clean vaccines.

He’s been called a Russian spy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact that RFK Jr. has a solid 1/5 of the Democrat Primary vote attests to three things: the appeal and effectiveness of his message, as well as the apparent incompetence of corporate state media.