Rogue Nations to Build Oil Refinery in Defiance of US Sanctions


While the Biden Administration continues to destroy and cripple the US energy industry, three countries continue to take oil seriously, namely Iran, Syria and Venezuela. Three nations have joined forces to build a new refinery in Homs, Syria.

Breitbart reported, citing an Iranian report by the Tasnim News Agency that the three nations had come together to construct the refinery. When fully operational, the refinery will produce approximately 140,000 barrels of oil per day. This should give the Syrian government – currently led by Bashar al-Assad – a boost. Iran claims that it has conducted studies that show that there are unmet fuel requirements in the Homs region that could be met by the refinery. It is currently unknown if the crude oil will come from Venezuela or domestic sources. Jalil Salari confirmed the decision on Sunday. Breitbart reported that the Middle East Monitor had said that Salari’s comments came from Iran Fars News Agency. This is a state-sponsored outlet.

Breitbart also noted:

Venezuela has been a constant ally of both nations. The warm relationship between Venezuela and Iran is a result of the late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez’s friendship with the former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. This friendship led both nations to defend each other in front of the United Nations, and other venues when they were confronted with their horrendous human rights records.

What country does not produce or refine oil? You’re the winner of the day if you correctly guessed the United States of America. We are all losers, unfortunately.

Environmental activists on the ground are real believers. They are so convinced that even though the U.S. has literally turned off the lights, and closed down industries that made life possible here in the U.S., they still believe it’s for the better. These people don’t realize that the United States is spending a lot of money on technology that has proven to be costly and in some cases unreliable. Countries like China are happy to spew that hated CO2 into the air. The grassroots environmental movement has always been driven by emotion and immediate satisfaction. These people are passionate and committed. You must give them credit for that.

On the other, I shouldn’t be trying to figure out why our government wants to let other nations, most of whom do not care about U.S. interests, put it likely, overtake our country and place our people in danger. In a way, I can understand the climate change disconnect. To a greater extent, I can understand the greed that comes with money that’s either being laundered or used to make various donations and favors. To the point of sounding naive, (and I should, of all people know better), you would think at some level that progressives are aware that their energy policy puts the country at risk. Some of them might be so dense. Or, they may not care because they believe that a weaker America won’t be a problem for people in their positions. They may even be right. For now, at least.