Ron DeSantis Will Face Great Hurdles Along His Political Journey


Despite the problematic launch, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now officially a 2024 Presidential Candidate.

The move was a double-edged sword. His critics, looking for any reason to attack him, called it a debacle. His supporters point to the fact that well over half a million people logged in to listen to him announce – enough to literally break Twitter Spaces. Perhaps being in full control of one’s launch is the right way to go, after all, but you cannot deny that there was a huge interest in DeSantis getting into the race, a fact his campaign is definitely going to point out.

DeSantis clearly laid out his plan. As a conservative politician, most would be envious of his achievements as a governor and a politician. In its morning column in the Wall Street Journal, the editorial board made the point.

According to polls and financial backing, he poses the greatest threat to Donald Trump. He is the most likely to challenge Donald Trump, according to polls.

This 44-year-old has an impressive list of accomplishments: he is the son of middle-class parents, a Yale baseball captain, a Harvard Law School graduate, a Navy veteran who served in Iraq, as well as a three-term congressman. In addition, he has made his mark on politics by serving two terms as Governor of Florida.

His legislative record will impress you. It includes $3.3 billion for the restoration of the Everglades. Tort reform and insurance reforms. Wage protection for public sector employees. Tax cuts.

His handling the pandemic is his greatest achievement. Following the initial panic caused in Washington by Anthony Fauci, President Trump, and the shutdowns, Mr. DeSantis did his own research into the health risks and economic costs of Covid.

It is almost an endorsement similar to what he received from them at the weekend. Conservatives want him to win but there’s a shadowy figure in the distance. Former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis has a big task ahead of him. He is up to the challenge. DeSantis faces a number of challenges, some real, and others imagined by his opponents.

Culture Warrior, or Substantive Governor

DeSantis’ biggest challenge is that he has been perceived as being too obsessed with cultural warfare and doing so for political reasons, at the expense of race and gender identity.

In the future, he will have to emphasize his record in politics and make sure that it has maximum impact. DeSantis has already highlighted his political record at several key events in primary states.

Some people cannot.

The moderate Republicans are worried that his culture war talk isn’t very substantive. They either don’t know or ignore what he has done. It will be up to him to convince them.

Take on Trump

The biggest challenge is to take on Donald Trump. DeSantis has not addressed Trump directly, but this will soon change. DeSantis needs to find a way of dealing with Trump that doesn’t involve mud.

DeSantis will likely focus, at least in part, on linking Trump to Anthony Fauci. This gives Trump a new way to be attacked. Trump was the one who started all those things people didn’t like about how the government handled COVID-19.

Trump can defend his broken promises much more easily (lack of a wall, etc.). Trump has claimed that the “Deep State” and “Establishment” are against him. The Durham Report is a powerful shield.

Trump leads the polls by a significant margin. I expect him to even score pretty quickly. What can you do to keep the boost?

2024 Has Begun

The primary election for 2024 is underway. Everybody seems to be looking forward to this matchup. There will be a significant impact on both the country and the field.

Welcome to the race DeSantis.