RuPaul’s Drag Race Plans to Extend to Uganda, Russia, and Iran


RuPaul’s Drag Race creator RuPaul hopes to expand the concept to other locations, even those that have less favorable laws for LGBTQ people.

Fenton Bailey, co-creator of the concept, said in an interview with Inews that he hopes to spread the idea around the globe to increase tolerance for LGBT rights.

People often ask me if there is too much Drag Race. I answer no. Drag has been around for a long time, but there are still many countries that ban it. So to me, it’s worth getting out the bed to find a way to make Drag Race China, Drag Race Russia, and Drag Race Iran. Because Drag Race is a message of individuality, self-invention, and live and let live.

He argued that, although it might take some time, acceptance of drag shows in anti-LGBT countries like Uganda (where homosexuality is currently punished by death) will eventually prevail.

Although it may sound absurd, Drag Race Uganda will be completed in a matter of months. It will happen, I am certain. It might take some time. It took five to six years for a UK version to be up and running. It’s now on BBC. It’s a lengthy game.

The show was also launched in the United Kingdom by IMDB. It is described as a reality show in which a group of talented drag queens competes to impress host RuPaul (the world’s most well-known drag queen) to win a cash prize, a crown, and the title America’s Next Drag Superstar.

It explains that each episode has a main challenge. This is usually a performance or fashion design, sometimes both. “The queens participate in a theme runway show where one is declared the winner and two are eliminated. To stay on the show, the bottom two must compete with one another to lip-sync.

Drag queens have become a cultural hot topic in America. Progressive activists insist on making children participate in “Drag Queen Storytime” as well as other inappropriate interactions. This issue led to several Republican states passing legislation banning drag-related acts in front of young children.

Fenton claims that the opposition to drag queens or gender-bending activities is merely more evidence of conservative intolerance towards supposedly marginalized groups.

He explained that it was simple in some ways. It’s like bullying at school picking on the weakest target. It’s great for creating a fear climate, pointing out the unusual to distract from the fundamental complexities our political leaders cannot deal with. It’s a distraction strategy.

He continued, “Historically, there have always been people who tried to turn back the clock.” It causes great pain and suffering, but it will not succeed. We must fight, and we are fighting.”