Russell Brand, Bill Maher Spar Over Whether Zelenskyy Is A ‘Hero’


In a new episode of Maher’s podcast “Club Random”, Bill Maher and Russell Brand argued about whether Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, is a war hero.

Brand claimed that the United States had powerful interests that were trying to stop a negotiated cease-fire and push the simple “narrative Zelenskky is a hero and Putin is a monster” narrative.

“Well, just a moment. Maher stated that Zelenskyy was a hero while Putin is a monster.

“Well, the Panama Papers suggested Zelenskyy had some interesting business dealings, like many Ukrainian politicians,” Brand replied, moving forward while Maher tried to interrupt. “And they rejected the Minsk Agreement, and there was a deal on the table, but the West lobbied Zelenskyy to not take that peace agreement, so stated the ex-Israeli prime minister.

Maher stated, “Yeah because his country was invaded illegally.” “It’s because his country was invaded illegally,” Maher said.

Brand then claimed that NATO had been taking in former Soviet territory for many years. He also cited the Western-backed coup which removed President Viktor Yanukovych of power in Ukraine in 2014. Brand then stated to Maher that it was foolish to accept a “humanitarian” explanation for the war and ignore the opportunity for profit for military industrial complex. This situation Brand compared with pharmaceutical companies making a profit from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brand acknowledged that Putin is a “dictator style politician”, but pointed out that the U.S. has a desire to destabilize Russia.

Maher later agreed that Russia’s continued expansion of NATO after the Cold War sent a “terrible signal” to Russia, as it struggled to transition from communism and democracy.

He continued, “That was a horrible message to send and I believe that set things off.” It may have been a disaster anyway. Russia is a difficult country and its people have been brutalized under communism. This is not only terrible for the soul, but also for the pocketbook.

Brand pulled out a pile of papers that he claimed contained “facts” about what was happening and explained to Maher that Boris Johnson, the U.K. Prime Minster, had advised Zelenskyy not to accept a deal on the table. According to Naftali Bennett, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bentii. To support his claim that the West was prolonging war in Ukraine to benefit the arms industry, and to erode Russian power, he cited other news reports.

Maher replied, “Okay, okay. Stop.”

These are great facts Bill.

These are facts, possible. Maher stated, “These are facts.

Maher then claimed that it was possible to have two truths at once.

Maher stated, “It could be something that is worthy to stop Russia invading other countries and it also…is the case, of course people in the defense sector are looking for reasons to continue making weapons and so forth.”

Brand isn’t the only one to be concerned about Zelenskyy. Tucker Carlson, co-founder of Daily Caller and Fox News host, called Zelenskyy a “celebrity endorsed dictator of the most corrupt country in Europe.”