Russia Initiates Criminal Probe into Leader of Wagner Group


After calling for an armed revolt on Friday to remove the country’s Defense Minister, a Russian government agency has opened a criminal probe into Yevgeny Prgozhin, chief of the Wagner Group.

In a series of video and audio recordings, Prigozhin accuses the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in a furious manner of ordering a missile strike on the field camps of the private military contractors where the group fights for Russia in Ukraine.

Prigozhin said, “This isn’t a coup d’├ętat but a march for justice.” “The evil represented by the military leadership of this country must be stopped.”

“This scum is going to be stopped,” Prigozhin, referring to Shoigu.

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that the attack was carried out.

According to the state-run news agency Taas, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of the Federal Security Services will open a criminal case on the charges of inciting an armed revolt. According to the report, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been kept up-to-date on the situation.

“The accusations circulated on behalf of Yevgeny Prgozhin are unfounded. The FSB of Russia initiated a criminal investigation into these statements. According to Russian state TV Channel One, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee issued a statement demanding an end to illegal acts.

Rebekah Koffler, a former DIA intelligence officer of Russian descent told Fox News Digital the Wagner Group’s chief had gone too far with his fight against the FSB.

It appears that Prigozhin crossed the line in his fight against the Russian security bureaucracy. According to the National Counter-terrorism Committee, the Russian domestic security agency, FSB has launched a criminal probe into Prigozhin after he called for a rebellion in the military. This must be a major headache now for Putin.

Adam Hodge, the National Security Council’s spokesperson, said in a statement that “We are monitoring the situation, we will consult with our allies and partners about these developments.”