San Jose Mayor Says White House Is Wrong That Pandemic Is Cause Of Crime


    San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo recently disagreed with Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, who claimed that the pandemic was the cause of recent waves of smash-and-grab retail thefts. She argued that criminals are the root of these crimes.

    Fox host Dana Perino asked Liccardo if it’s true that the pandemic was at the root cause of a lot of smash and grab crime.

    Liccardo answered that he did not believe criminals are the main cause of smash-and-grab crimes. He said that criminals invent new arrangements each time they are caught on old ones and this is just the nature of criminal enforcement. He said as a former prosecutor that they need to be more agile and make the most of technology in their police departments. He said in San Jose they do not defund the police and make sure officers are on the streets.

    Liccardo said they also make every effort to keep guns away from the streets. This is not about Conservative or progressive policies, but smart ones.