Schumer and McConnell Prepare to Take On MAGA


Some people found Trump’s Tuesday announcement at Mar-a-Lago to be music to their ears. After two years of Biden’s administration, it was the moment they had been looking for. It was the revival that they longed for. They were tired of being called names and ridiculed, and are now considered Mega-MAGA Republicans and a threat to the general welfare. (Incidentally: I thought that the Democrats had all the creative people on their side. They could have done better than MegaMAGA. This sounds like an advertisement for a monster truck series.

They, like many Americans, are now plagued by inflation at the pumps, in the shops, a historical military blunder overseas, and government overreach. The fear that a national government will use violence against dissidents or exploit the common man is also a concern. For those people, Trump’s announcement was a welcome breath of fresh air. The idea is equally appealing to Democrats, who can also re-start their whining, gnashing of teeth, and calls for arms that they so enjoyed in 2020 and the preceding four years. You never know what? Don Lemon might even be able to get his old job back.

Not everyone is happy. The National Review was among the first to leave the starting blocks with a piece entitled “No.” The article, which paid tribute to Trump’s achievements in office, cited Trump’s chaotic and erratic administration, high turnover in staff, and the loss of two Georgia Senate seats, as signs of his inability to lead. This is just one example.

Trump and his MAGA supporters face other challenges. Mitch McConnell has been made the Senate Minority Leader and is now free to stand his ground. Breitbart reported on the 14th that Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate Minority Leader, made an appearance on CNN’s “This Morning” segment. Schumer stated that he was planning to speak with McConnell about “ditching the MAGA Republicans” during the segment. Kaitlan Collins was told by Schumer:

“I’m going say this to all the Republicans in the Senate that aren’t MAGA Republicans: Stop letting them lead your party. We need your cooperation to accomplish our goals. Mitch McConnell will be able to hear my thoughts. I will sit down with him to discuss how we can work together. While you won’t get the extremists from your party to cooperate with anyone, the rest of us can all work together to accomplish real results for the American people.

Schumer believed he would succeed due to the failure of the Red Wave to materialize. He attributed that to fear of MAGA and its inherent threat to democracy. This footage courtesy of MRCTV shows that Schumer found a willing ear from McConnell.

Even those who are apprehensive about Trump’s second term, many Americans don’t believe the MAGA crowd wants to end democracy. Or, more precisely, the republic. The majority of people want their lives back. At this point, anyone not in tune with the current thought meme can be labeled Mega-MAGA and made to wear a scarlet M. This includes moderates who like some aspects of Trump’s personality but don’t like others. One thing is certain: Regardless of your views on Trump, Schumer or McConnell have become very accustomed to their positions and aren’t willing to let go of power and paychecks. Even if it’s not for the rest of us, the status quo works too well for them.

It’s time that old men get out of Washington. A man in the second half or middle of his life is considered old. My wife reminds me that I am closer to 60 than 50. Whether it’s Trump, DeSantis, or a player-to-be-named-later, the nation cannot continue on this trajectory. Someone has to clean up the house.