Senate Passes Bill to Fund the Government, Including Another $12 Billion for Ukraine


The U.S. Senate approved legislation Thursday to fund the government through mid-December. This bill would prevent the House of Representatives from shutting down the government.

72 votes to 25 in favor of continuing resolution funding the government. The bill includes $12 billion more aid for Ukraine and hundreds upon millions of dollars to executive agencies that implement President Joe Biden’s agenda. Conservative lawmakers pointed out COVID-19 vaccine mandates federal employees would get, Biden’s preferred green energy and immigration policies. Republicans support funding for the Internal Revenue Service, which Republicans claim will enable 87,000 additional IRS agents to be part of the federal workforce.

Biden will sign the bill if it passes the House, where Democrats hold the majority. Senator Mike Lee (R. Utah), unsuccessfully asked his fellow senators to oppose a Democratic spending bill that would send the can to the lame duck Congress.

But neither party wants to be held accountable for the government shutdown that occurred so close before November’s election. After the election, the Senate will not resume discussing legislation and lawmakers can return home to campaign.

A minor dispute broke out earlier in the month between Sen. Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.) and Manchin. A minor dispute erupted earlier in the month when Sen. Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.) wanted the language to be added to the continuing resolution that would speed up the permitting process for both fossil fuel and renewable energy projects. This was mostly in retribution for Manchin’s passing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

“Senate Republicans made clear that they would block legislation funding government if it included bipartisan permitting reform. They have chosen not to work with a bipartisan way to achieve something that they have long claimed to want to do,” stated Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y), Tuesday, as he declared Manchin’s language would be removed from the bill.

Manchin said that it was “unfortunate” that Senators of America allow politics to undermine the nation’s energy security.

The spending bill also included $18.8 Million for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This agency aids Florida in recovering from Hurricane Ian.