Sheriffs Vow Not to Enforce New Ten-Capacity Gun Law


Oregonians are likely to be surprised to find that they can buy gun magazines that hold nearly a dozen rounds.

Boise State Public Radio reported that Oregon voters voted “yes” for Measure 114.

There are two parts to the initiative. First, you must obtain a permit from your local police agency. This will require a criminal background check. This is in addition to the federal permit already required.

Even law-abiding murderers will be persuaded not to kill innocent people by a mandatory class.

Safety courses will show you how to keep your suicide notes safe and how they can impact your community.

To make it clear, the five-year permit is per person and does not include a gun.

Second: Magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds are banned. Guns with magazines that contain more than 10 rounds cannot be transported or used for legal purposes.

The optimistically titled Reduction of Gun Violence Act has not been a popular choice in law enforcement. Fox News reports many law enforcement officers will not enforce the Reduction of Gun Violence Act.

At least five county sheriffs stated that they will not enforce the law in any way. They have stated that they will not enforce the law in its entirety or any part of it.

Union County Sheriff Cody Bowen said that the law is very significant.

“This doesn’t solve the problem.”

He claims the restriction on capacity is an infringement on our Second Amendment.

This won’t even put an end to crime.

“If you believe this will decrease the number of school shootings and gun violence, then you are wrong. ”

Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan feels the same. (She made it clear in a Facebook post on November 9:

Linn County residents should know that the Linn County Sheriff’s Office won’t enforce magazine capacity limits. “I want gun owners to have the right to purchase firearms …”.

Michelle hopes that the passing of this measure will lead to an immediate lawsuit against them as it should. ”

Both Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe and Jefferson County Sheriff Jason Pollock can be counted in. Jason Pollock called 114 “pure anti-gun politics”.

The legislation seems to be based on an odd premise. People who aren’t fazed by the law against murder might be sufficiently shaken if there is an ordinance that regulates round counts This will soon be revealed

Let’s assume that common sense prevails. Now, you can pass any gun laws, but only the effect of those laws should be applied in the second column. Next, determine which group is dominant.

Maybe this sense isn’t as common. John Feinblatt, President of Everytown for Gun Safety has enjoyed success due to the new law. From

“The people of Oregon have spoken and their message is clear. They want common-sense gun controls and high-capacity magazines banned from the marketplace.

One group is certain to be supportive of 114’s enforcement. Bad guys can only absorb ten bullets, not eleven. They will most likely be faced with 15+1 firearms.