Soros-Backed Organization Creates Plan To Entrench Critical Race Theory In Federal Government


An elite leftist group funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation created a plan for Critical Race Theory to be ingrained in the federal government.

Race Forward teamed up with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity to create a detailed plan for a resource guide called “Organizing For Racial Equity within the Federal Government”.

Race Forward offers a strategic approach for dealing with internal and external backlash against their Critical Race Theory agenda. The guide recommends that employees be given additional paid time off, merit-pay, or promotions in order to address internal backlash within government agencies.

It is clear in the document that “politics, power dynamics, are forces… to harness to advance federal racial equality initiative.”

The guide embraces Critical Race Theory openly and cites Nikole Hannah Jones, Critical Race theorist.

One section, “Early Recommendation For Federal Leadership,” recommends that the left start “cultivating an underground of political champions at Congress to ensure support across administrations.” It also advises staff within agencies to “grow and take part in dismantling systemic racist behavior”

This model aims to create a strong network of political actors in Congress and various bureaucracies. Their power would not be affected if their political enemies entered the executive branch.

The document gives an example of such an approach. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships was established to improve coordination between government and non-profits. It is “uniquely designed to influence the federal structure by serving to be a hub for sub-offices of agencies.”

The guide states, “The Trump Administration eliminated the central office, but not the network suboffices located within agencies or centers,” which seems to indicate that leftist politicians were able remain in place to await the next administration.

It is important that career staff be involved early in the federal initiative, according to the document. They are crucial to a long-term initiative for change that will unite many administrations.

Trump used to frequently mention that the deep state, an ideologically motivated group of bureaucrats who are still in power across administrations and often hindered his agenda, was something former President Trump frequently pointed out. To gut agencies, Trump could use an executive order known as “Schedule F” in the event of a new administration.

Federal agencies and non-profit agencies are encouraged to adopt an “inside/outside” strategy, which is a mutually beneficial relationship. The model also requires government officials to provide “direct funding for community partner”

This point is again made under the subsection “Direct funding to organizations building community capacity for race justice.” Later, the document suggests that “government communications materials may be written and formatted for easy use or adaptation by outside actors” in case of an external backlash.

The organization does not advocate racial equity in one area or agency, but hopes that it will spread their racial ideology to all agencies and functions.

Race Forward has defended Critical Race Theory’s presence in America’s schools, claiming that this attack on Critical Race Theory is part a coordinated effort to stop a multiracial democracy.

Race Forward received financial support from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. This foundation works to promote leftism, globalism, and democracy around the globe. The Ford Foundation, WK Kellogg Foundation and NoVo Foundation are also funding the organization. According to ProPublica’s tax filings, the organization earned nearly $21 million in 2020.