St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Jordan Walker Accomplishes Feat Not Seen In Nearly 100 Years


This is elite company.

The St. Louis Cardinals faced off against the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday. However, the Brewers won the 6-1 victory to move them to 7-2, but it was the Cardinal that stole the show.

In the fourth inning, St. Louis’ rookie Jordan Walker hit Freddy Peralta with an RBI single. This extended Walker’s hitting streak to nine more games and made him a historical figure.

Walker, only 20 years old at the time, has now scored safely in nine of the nine games this season. This feat has been achieved by only two other players — Ted Williams (1939 Boston Red Sox), at nine games, and Eddie Murphy (1912 Philadelphia Athletics), at twelve games.

Walker will try to extend his nine-game streak of hitting to 10, when the Cardinals take on the Colorado Rockies Monday night. Walker will face Rockies pitcher German Marquez. Walker will be tasked against Marquez if he gets a hit. Murphy and Walker are the only players in MLB history to have a 10-game hitting streak.

It’s impossible to know how Jordan Walker feels.

Imagine yourself as a 20-year old kid and being a Major League Baseball rookie. Personally, I’d be on cloud nine.

He is, I am certain.