Stacey Abrams Now Wants to Give Cops Raises After Being in Favor to Defund the Police


Joe Biden tried for 32 years to be president of the United States, before reaching his goal. I don’t know of any less qualified candidate than Stacey Abrams who is desperate to be the next governor in Georgia.

“Again,” in her delusional mind.

Abrams, who lost her 2018 gubernatorial campaign to Republican Brian Kemp, not only didn’t concede, but she insists that she won. (I can only think of two politicians who have had the same problem in the past six years. But that would be digressing.

Abrams’ 2018 loss to Kemp was close. Now, with their respective primaries won, the 2022 match promises more of this. Kemp had a five-point margin in a May Real Clear Politics poll.

It is obvious that the gloves are off on both sides.

Kemp released Wednesday’s blistering campaign ad. He included a video of Abrams in his own words, and he agreed in principle with the defunding of America’s police departments.

Stacey Abrams stated that she would DEFUND police officers! Georgia is at risk from Abrams’ soft-on-crime policies.

As Governor, I will continue fighting to ensure that Georgia’s law enforcement has the resources it needs to protect families.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota coerced Abrams into admitting it, but she made it just the same.

Abrams also serves on a defunding and abolition of the police board. She continues to claim that the Defund discussion was a “false selection idea.”

This false choice idea is what I believe we are being led into. We need two things.

What is the best way to put it? What is that? What is this other than typical double-speak from Democrats? Similar comments were made by Abrams to ABC “This Week’ host George Stephanopoulos, in June 2020.

This is the future. Abrams seems to have changed her tune with violent crime rising across America and no end in view. “Coincidentally,” Abrams released her campaign ad the day after Kemps. Abrams says that law enforcement officers are often paid less than the living wage. This is wrong.

Wait — what? Abrams continued to call for a raise in the pay of cops.

As we build trust in the community and promote law enforcement accountability, we must increase officers’ pay.

This wasn’t as nebulous and terrifying as it seems.

Abrams, who has fully “evolved” — Democrats never “evolve”; they never flip-flop – continued to pour it on.

Staffing shortages in Georgia’s urban and suburban areas pose a threat to communities.

Officer pay increases will result in better officer recruitment, retention, community interaction, and a safer Georgia.

Again, few specifics, mostly rhetoric — in an election year. Go figure.

What is Abrams’s plan for the future?

Increase the base salary of state officers to $50k/year. [What about the city police in urban areas with violent crime? Ms. Abrams?]

Localities can receive grants to help increase the salaries of local law enforcement officers. [What specifics are there and to what are grant monies linked?]

For law enforcement, secure mental health support. [What about mental support to get wackos off the streets before they become full-metal insane and commit horrendous crimes?]

Invest [taxpayer-funded] into expanded training collaboration support. [Collaborative support with who or what entities?]

In an election year, there are few details and mostly only rhetoric. It’s amazing.

It is hard to imagine Abrams’s latest flip-flop benefiting her cause, or the cause of the Democrat Party in general. Stacey Abrams has become an albatross for Democrats, as we stated in March.

Joe Biden, and the entire Democrat Party, have become an albatross by themselves.