Steve Bannon Sentenced 4 Months in Jail for Defying Subpoena from House Committee Investigating Jan 6 Capitol Riot


According to the Associated Press Steve Bannon was sentenced for violating a subpoena from the House committee investigating Jan. 6, Capitol riots.

What Are The Details?

Bannon was also fined $6,000. According to the AP, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols permitted Bannon’s continued release in the interim pending appeal.

Bannon was recommended by the Justice Department to be sentenced to a six-month term with a $200,000 penalty. A federal jury convicted Bannon in July of two counts of contempt of Congress.

According to the AP Nichols imposed this sentence because Congress had made clear that contempt of Congress demands at least one month in prison. Bannon’s lawyers claimed that the judge could have sentenced Bannon to probation instead.

Nichols stated before he announced the sentence that Mr. Bannon “in my view, Mr. Bannon doesn’t accept responsibility for his acts”.

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Bannon was called by the House panel as a witness about his involvement in Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential Elections. Prosecutors stated that Bannon had not yet provided any documents to the committee or testified.

The prosecution claimed that Bannon (68) deserved a more severe sentence because he had pursued a “bad faith strategy” and because he made disparaging remarks about the committee, which clearly showed that he wanted them to fail in their attempts to discover the truth and prevent it from happening again.

According to the AP, J.P. Cooney stated that J.P. Cooney was the prosecutor and that he did not hide behind fabricated allegations about executive privilege advice in order to thumb his nose at Congress.

David Schoen was Bannon’s lawyer and claimed that his client did exactly as he was instructed to by Trump’s executive confidentiality rules.

“Mr. Bannon shouldn’t apologize,” Schoen stated, according to the AP, that no American should apologize for the way Mr. Bannon handled the case.

According to the outlet Schoen also supported Bannon’s comments regarding the committee. “Telling the truth or speaking your mind about the committee is acceptable in the country. It’s also an obligation if it turns out to be true. ”

Illegitimate Regime

On Friday, Bannon told reporters that he was walking into court and that they would be judging them on November 8, when they end the Biden administration. ”

According to the outlet, Bannon said after the hearing that Attorney General Merrick Garland would be impeached.

Have Any Other Suggestions?

Tucker Carlson at Fox News interviewed Bannon. He said,  “He was guilty in July of the guilty verdict. I will not back down even one inch. ”

During the television interview, he said that “the law was for us” and warned viewers that they were “coming after everyone.” … “This ideological war cannot be lost.” “The fate of the country will be decided in the next few years. ”