Study Reveals Gender-Affirming Care Leads to More Psychotropic Drugs for Trans Youth


The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that examined the effectiveness of mental health care provided to children who identify as transgender.

The researchers used a retrospective cohort method to “identify mental healthcare diagnoses, visits, and prescriptions for psychotropic medications among TGD youth [transgenders and gender-diverse youth] who received care before the age of 18, as well as their siblings.”

They compared the number of “transgender’ kids who sought mental health counseling and were prescribed psychotropic medications as part of their treatment to a control group of non-trans siblings.

The results are:

3,754 TGD adolescents and 6,603 cisgender siblings were included. TGD adolescents were more likely to have a mental health diagnosis (OR 5.45, 95% CI [4.77-6.24]), use more mental healthcare services (IRR 2.22; 95% CI [2.00-2.46]), and be prescribed more psychotropic medications (IRR = 2.57; 95% CI [2.36-2.80]) compared to siblings.

More diagnosis, more treatment, and more drugs.

From the pharmaceutical industry’s perspective, the goal is to hook as many children as possible to a lifetime of drugs and surgery in order to extract the maximum profit.

Matt Walsh published a disturbing video last year of a Vanderbilt University Medical Center administrator bragging about the money generated by these procedures.

She emphasizes the benefits to the institution that ongoing care for the child patients requires. This is in line with the findings of a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine:

Following the introduction of gender-affirming drugs, psychotropic medication increased (IRR=1.67, 95%CI[1.46-1.91]).

Anyone who has spent time online knows that this study on mental health outcomes of “transgender youth” is not necessary to understand the emotional damage that is caused by children indoctrinated in the LGBTQ +++(tm cult. Attempting to heal them with “gender-affirming” healthcare, and a cocktail of psychotropic drugs is more about advancing biomedical science than healing.

It is, however, always good to get a more objective confirmation.