Texas AG Calls On State’s House Speaker To Resign


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton demanded the resignation of the House Speaker on Tuesday after a viral video appeared to show him conducting legislative business in the state while under the influence.

KXAN News reports that Republican Texas House Speaker Dade Phalen was accused over the weekend of being drunk on the floor of the Texas House after a video went viral showing the politician slurring words. Paxton asked Phalen to step down by the end of the session.

Paxton said in a press release that “Texans were shocked to see his performance presiding the Texas House while in a debilitating state of intoxication.” His conduct has adversely affected the legislative process, and he is failing to fulfill his duties to the public. Texans relied on the House for conservative priorities, including protecting our elections’ integrity and preventing Chinese spies controlling Texas land. His failures as speaker have created a crisis of credibility for all Republican candidates and our entire party.”

KXAN News reported that after watching the video, several political groups and advocacy groups speculated whether Phelan had a stroke or was drunk. After the video, no congressmen seemed to have checked on the state speaker.

Houston Chronicle reports that a bill aimed at prohibiting citizens and companies of China, Iran and North Korea from purchasing property in Texas was not passed by the Texas House over the weekend. The bill is effectively dead as the legislative session in Texas ended on Friday.

ABC 13 News reports that the Texas House will vote on a law Tuesday to oversee elections by the state. The state Senate will debate two versions of the bill.

Paxton wrote: “While I do hope that Speaker Phelan receives the help he requires, he’s proven to be unworthy of the trust of Texans and incapable of leading Texas House.”